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Made for

Box {1} Surprisingly


Made for

We designed Box {1} as a minimalist and simple-looking object. It serves as a reminder of the importance of setting aside your smartphone, and allows you to do so in your own way, by setting your own rules.

Zero obligation, zero restriction, zero repression.

Made for
your interior

Box {1} offers a fine and discreet color contrast, which blends in with your decor and your daily life. The combination of noble wood species gives it a sober and classic look that will fit in your interior.

You will feel as if it has always been there.

Made for
your smartphone

Box {1} is designed for your smartphone: giving it a place all the while being able to recharge it, allowing you to limit its use without forbidding it, for a better relationship with digital technology. You need your smartphone, and Box {1} encourages you to use it right, and to part with it voluntarily.

You will love it better.

Made for
your loved ones

We are very connected in the digital sense of the word, but not enough in the human sense. Box {1} is designed for collective use, with your family, your friends, those who are important to you. Live the moments of conviviality to the fullest, without any interference nor untimely interruptions.

You will redefine connection.

Made for

Doing well to be well, and being well to do well: such is the promise of the Box {1}. Choose to wean yourself off your smartphone when you want, fully experience each disconnected moment, reconnect when you need to, then disconnect again, and adopt your new digital routine.

You will redefine your priorities.

Made for
your future

This is our way of saying that Box {1} will soon be available for pre-order. You want to be one of our first users? Just give us your contact information, and we'll keep you posted!